"it's the craziest thing."

The charge was criminal trespassing. Hopping the turnstiles trying to get to a party. Oh man, it's the craziest thing. Me and a couple of friends going to a party figured we hop the train so we hopped the train, see the cops and run thinking we were gonna get away. We ran downstairs to the platform. From there it's only two cops so far chasing me. I'm on one end of a bar and he's on the end of the bar and we're just going back and forth. It's just like cat and mouse at this point. It's four of us, two of them cops, some of us got away. The cops were just on my ass. They're just chasing me, chasing me, chasing me for like five minutes now. Then more cops come. By the time I knew it I had cops all over me, I'm against the bench getting handcuffed.

Seemed like he was getting tired. He was totally out of breath by time he caught me. He's a fat white guy. He looked like somebody out of the Sopranos to be honest.