"You should be allowed to rest your eyes, allowed to be comfortable."

Trying to straighten out my community service because I missed it that day. Because it was snowing that day I was supposed to do it. For sleeping in an ATM, criminal trespass. Me and my ex-girlfriend had an argument and she kinda kicked me out of the apartment so I found myself an ATM and fell asleep.

She said something I didn't like and I said something she didn't like. Sometimes she can be very nice and sometimes she can put me down. She didn't really put me down, she just didn't understand me, she misunderstood me. Like she's totally against marijuana use. Sometimes I like to smoke. That could run into a problem between me and her. She thinks that it just wastes my time.

It was kinda carpeted. It was a Chase bank. I just remember waking up and two cops were in front of me. Not like having a place. Not like a couch or bed. It was better then the streets themselves. The police are cracking down on people sleeping in ATM's. If you're not hurting anybody or damaging anything and you're homeless I think you should be allowed. Allowed to rest your eyes, allowed to be comfortable. I understand if ten people are sleeping there but not everybody knows about it so. You might have one or two people at a time sleeping in the place. I think the one or two people that come there first should be allowed but I don't make the laws.