"Crap. I knew this was gonna happen."

They said that I walked through a park after the sign said that I shouldn't. This was around 1:30AM. I was… I had one beer with my brother and a friend of mine and we took a cab back across, uh, 3rd street and my friend was going somewhere else so I hopped out of the cab to meet a business associate. I walked up LaGuardia and then I saw that there were women standing in the park, you know, taking pictures of the arch, still lit at the time. There were gates up but there was also a police car at the entrance of the park, so if it was really illegal to be in the park, I would imagine someone would have been confronting the women at that point. It was also 14 degrees outside. So I decided, what the heck, I can cut through the park in 10, 15 seconds flat, so I started walking through the park. As I approached the north side of the park, I see a police van roll up and I go, "Crap. I knew this was gonna happen." The guy stops me, asks me what I was doing--sorta like what you are doing right now, except without a video camera, as far as I know--and hit me with a, uh... failure to obey park signs. [laughter]