"So here I am with no laces in my shoes."

I was riding my bike with my friend to the store to pickup a beer, go hang out and I guess to the police it looked like we were meeting up to maybe do a deal so they stopped us both, took both our ID’s, searched a little bit and ran our ID’s, came back out and gave them back to us and said you can go on your way. My house was two blocks away from the store. I went back to my house. I was in the backyard and I saw another car, just the same as the undercover cop car tt pulled me over. So I went outside to check and they put the cuffs on me and said I had a warrant. I went to jail. At first they kept telling me you’ll be fine, you’ll be out of here soon, you’ll be out of here soon until I realized they were taking out my laces and then I’m like taking out the laces, I’m going in the cell now. I’m being detained. They’re like you’re not be arrested we have to take you to court. I’m pretty much being arrested because I’m being detained. I have nothing, I can’t do . I was in the cell for awhile and then the guy questioned me, one of the detectives. I guess nearby around my neighborhood a yogurt store got broken into and robbed so he was like so um you ever go to this yogurt place, I’m like, no not really. And he’s like, you know what I’m talking about? Yeah I know where it is. He’s like, so you ever been inside? You know order yogurt? I’m like, no. He’s like, ever been inside when it was  closed? And I’m like all of a sudden, oh right then I knew what he was like otoh he’s trying to get me to admit to something I didn’t do. So he get asking me, he kept telling me, if you don’t tell me the truth I will find out the truth, I will find out the truth. It will be worse on you, it will be harder, stuff like that. And finally until I told him over and over and over and over and over again that I don’t know anything or anyone that would do it, they just put me in the cell and I waited. They told me that in the morning they would have to take me into the city. That’s where my ticket was from for riding a bike on the sidewalk. I was arrested for riding a bike on the sidewalk. So here I am with no laces in my shoes. I have to walk back home to Staten Island.