"At the time, at the time I was drinking a lot."

I allegedly stole a bottle of liquor from a Mexican restaurant, on, I dunno, somewhere in the fifties, I'm not sure exactly where. I was arrested and put in the Tombs then I was bailed out. Then, from here I went to San Diego. I was living in San Diego for several months. I got picked up on the warrant there and I was held for almost sixty days. They brought me to court and told me they were holding me for another week because they didn't know what New York was doing and then they released me that day, completely inconsistently, with what they had said. Um when I got released I came back here and went to court to clear it up so it wasn't hanging over my head anymore. It got dropped down to a misdemeanor and now its just been going on and on. That was, that was in uh last winter. Last time I came here and now they've given me a court date now on August 18th. that I've just missed. And now I have another court date on December 15th. to come back.

It was allegedly gin, Bombay Sapphire. At the time, at the time I was drinking a lot. I was kind of like homeless, alcoholic, doing a lot of drugs and had actually had gotten sent to the hospital the night before. I had woken up from the hospital and pretty much like walked outside, like gone across the street, and uh this is when the incident supposedly occurred. That's, that's it.