"My dog was shot during the raid…"

And I pled guilty, I was sentenced to a conditional discharge for possession of drugs, a half a gram of cocaine, that's what I pled to. My house was raided, and I was never shown the search warrant. To this day I was never shown the search warrant. My dog was shot during the raid, and this was all because of somebody who was arrested who was trying to reduce their sentence and they implicated me. I'm not sure who. I'm not positive. I don't want to bring anybody's name up unless I had evidence.

No, well, I'm in a drug program. I don't use drugs anymore.

They didn't say much, they just offered me a conditional discharge. My wife, my daughter were arrested with me, their cases were dropped. My daughter was, my, also my sixteen-year-old daughter at the time was arrested, and she ended up in the hospital 'cause she was diabetic, no one took care of her while she was arrested, and she had nothing, they had...this was all bogus.

I manage real estate, I work for my father, we own real estate on 7th Street where I live, I've been living there all my life. What else you wanna know? Born in New York City, born and raised.

I joined the program voluntarily, but, there was...they just let me off. I just pled guilty and they let me off. I guess they had a lack of evidence, weak case.

Anything else you wanna know, Steve?