"Um I dunno it was very spur of the moment."

I got caught for shoplifting at Bloomingdale's so I got three days of community service. And that's it pretty much. No it was like a one time thing. They called the police and I spent like five hours in jail and then they let me go. Ahh just a shirt. A pretty expensive shirt. I dunno I think like two hundred something dollars. Um I dunno it was very spur of the moment. Pretty much these two like ladies dressed in regular clothes kinda just came up to me and they were oh you know open your bag even though it didn't ring. I still think that's weird cause like, only way they could know is if they have like cameras or looking into dressing rooms. But pretty much yeah, that's it. I dunno I can't tell any other way cause they don't count the amount of items you have when you go into dressing rooms and it didn't ring. It was a Marc Jacobs shirt. It was pretty. Um most likely but probably wouldn't spend that much money on a shirt. No, too much trouble. Too much trouble. I mean it's a stupid thing to do cause you're just end up paying more with all these court dates and like Bloomingdale's is crazy, they make you like pay all this money for like damage even if there's no damage. In the end it doesn't work out.