"They have a vision of a white Harlem…"

Hello, world. Hello, New York. In Harlem, they have an agenda. They have a vision of a white Harlem where they're trying to get rid of all the vendors and everybody that's black. And, I got into a problem with three cops in Harlem, P___, R______, and Z___. Now, they confiscated $10,000 worth of Nike shoes from me on September 17, 2008. They wrote me up for vending without a license. That's what they do. And, I beat the case. I came back to the 28th Precinct, they laughed at me, they said "nigga, don't you know what this is? If you're tryin' to get your shit back, you'll wish your mother had an abortion." So, I went with my tail between my legs that day. On the 5th of March...on February 5th. I'm sorry, 4th, February 4th...P___, R______, and Z___ came out again, they took 100 Gucci jackets from me, wrote me up for vending without a license. I beat that case. So, I call Internal Affairs after that, on the 6th, and I just met with Internal Affairs about three days ago. So, now they're gonna lose their pension, messing with me. But, in the meantime, they want to murder me. They put me in jail on the 19th with a guy with full-blown AIDS. A white boy. He stuck me with a needle with fluid in it, and now, 30 days later, I have HIV. This is the type of shit that's going on. New York Police Department, Corrections. So, if you thinking about coming to New York, and you're thinking about doing anything even illegal, or even if it's not illegal, you can get in trouble here just by being black. Just by being in Harlem. And just by having a purpose, they'll run up on you, they want to know who you are. Your fingerprints. They didn't even know I was a veteran. They didn't think I was a veteran 'cause of the way I look. Once they found out I was in the Marine Corps for 12 years, I got the Purple Heart, they're like "oh, Semper Fi!" They want to dismiss things. It's too late now.

But now, I'm here to turn myself in for something simple. The prosecutor on the, I think it was the 6th of March, she said "the charge is vending without a license." I produced the license to the judge, and the prosecutor, and my lawyer. She said "I want to give him 10 days." And, the judge was, like, "for what?" She says, "I don't have enough information to dismiss the case." But, she wanted to give me 10 days. She don't have enough information. Here's the license. Here's the license. What did she want to give me 10 days for? That's why I'm coming back here today. I was supposed to come the 30th, but I was incarcerated until the 31st, I get 30 days in Riker's for an assault charge. So, I'm here to get this cleared up. But, what they don't do, they don't vacate warrants when you black. I don't know about white. They keep the warrant on you. So, when the cop asks you for ID, they're, like, "oh, you got a warrant." It's, like, "you crazy. I just got out the system." "No, no, we gotta bring you in." So, that's what happens. They keep the warrant on you. And you gotta go through hell to get it dismissed. So, in conclusion, New York is a terrible place right now, we're in a police state. We're in a Nazi state, whereas black people can't even walk the street. And, oh, yeah, I'm black. I love white people, I've got blond hair, but let's not get it twisted. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. The whole world needs to know what's going on in New York. So...peace.

Why do I have blond hair? You never saw a black blond before? You know, Jesus was blond. Jesus was blond. He looked similar to this. And they hated him. People hate me, too. It's not because I'm ugly, like, take a good look. It's not because I'm ugly. That's not it. It's that I'm so beautiful, it causes people to be uncomfortable. And, I'm beautiful in my mind, body, and soul. But, the great thing about this is people part like the Red Sea when I walk through. People on my right, people on my left. Now, the people on my right are my friends. They love it. People on my left are the ones who don't love it. And, sometimes I get physically attacked. Physically assaulted by the way I look. But I'm not giving it up because if I could cause a reaction to where you want to physically attack me then I must be doing something right. Because if you've got the nerve to put your hands on someone, you got serious issues. I don't have the issues. You have the issues. If I attacked everybody that I didn't like the way they looked, where would I be? You understand? So, I'm not gonna change a thing. And I wear gold tattoos, too. I am 99 percent Jesus. I'm one percent Cream. See, the ingredients to Creamology is 99 percent Christ, one percent Cream. See, Christ, if you punch him in the face, he'll turn the other cheek. If you punch me in my face, I'mma kill you. Another thing about Christ, he didn't get out to the females. I get out to the females. That's the only difference between me and Jesus. I'm righteous and I'm holy. I may swear every now and then, but I get on my knees and ask for forgiveness. So, I'm not Jesus. Anybody that tells you they're Jesus is a liar. The devil is a liar. There's only one Jesus. And he ain't came yet, but he's coming soon to remedy all these problems, all these issues that we have. Got that?