"I said, “This woman’s not a cop.” So I sold her some weed."

Selling marijuana and graffiti. One night I was out I was drinking and I don't know, I was writing on stuff, spray paint and basically police came up and yelled, “Freeze!”  I started running. I’m running down the street, in a trench coat. So I was running, running, running, running. Eventually they got me but anyway I'm on probation. 

CHI 3. Just writing, writing on everything. Just walking around, see your name up you know. You know the whole culture of it. You know the writers. You hang out with them. It’s a whole community. Like a graffiti community. It’s something fun. To kill off time. It’s addictive. Writing on stuff. I don’t know. You get caught up in it.

I got setup. This woman came up to me and asked me if I knew where to get weed at. At first I was like no no I don't know where to get weed at. So then I was looking at here, “Is this woman a cop?” I got not the best vibe from her. Something about her face . She looked a little beat up. I looked at her sneakers. I said, “This woman’s not a cop.” So I sold her some weed. She was an informant. Some kind of like paid informant. So there was a whole bunch of detectives. I got swarmed by them. The story of my life. Arrests.