"To avoid any problems I kept a gun in my house."

Well at first it was supposed to be for a drug charge and ahh they came in the house saying that I had drugs in the house but I didn't have no drugs in the house, I had a gun in the house. So to avoid for them tearing up my house I told them I had a gun in the house, they kept asking me where the drugs at where the drugs at, I told them there was no drugs in the house. Because I had kids and everything in the house. So they said well ok you got the gun next thing you know they said well come on we're going downtown. I got downtown they told me it was a felony then they dropped it down to a misdemeanor, then they bounced it back up to a felony because I got arrested last year or two years ago, for umm they say drug possession but I didn't have no drugs then. They took my bike, took my ten dollars and my ten dollar piece. And the case ran on for almost a year and six months. So they said they was bringing that back because they didn't get no charge on that. So they said they were making that a felony. So now I'm back at court. They gonna give me probation for five years.
The area I live in is drug infested. So to avoid any problems I kept a gun in my house. You know I got kids, grand kids, my wife, you know, so forth and so forth. I believe a girl snitched on me saying that I had drugs in my house but there were no drugs at all. They didn't find no drugs so there was no case at all really but the gun charge. So that was it. Also they wanna give me five years probation and I go see probation once a month and thats it plus I gotta pay my lawyer ten thousand dollars. ha ha ha ha ha ha........