"I didn't do no crime…"

What brings me here today that the police, I was arrested for a crime that, I didn't do no crime, and this precinct, we have a, like, you know, we go back and forth, they keep arresting me, trying to get me in jail to do some time. They try to steal my money, so I have to go through the D.A., and tell them I'm gonna bring them up on charges, like harassment for trying to steal $700 from me, so I had to go through a lot of process. Now, me and my girlfriend, we went, now they giving me my money back, cause they don't want no problems. So, we going to get it now, hoping we don't have no more problems, but we trying to go get the money now, you know? Me? You know, if I do a crime, you lock me up, I'm not going to complain. But if I'm not doing nothing, and you just bothering me, then I'm gonna get mad, and then I don't care if I go to jail for, you know, disorderly conduct for police, 'cause I just did seven years, I just came home for, you know, police planting stuff on me, I didn't do nothing, they took seven years of my life, you know. I'm trying to get back, stay out of trouble, learn stuff, you know, reading books...I'm 30-years-old, I'm just living life, you know? Trying to catch up, I'm trying.

Oh, they said I sold five grams of marijuana, but there wasn't no marijuana, you just took money off of me, know what I mean? Then you say how I dress, so you think that I'm a drug dealer when I'm not. You know? I'm just a average Joe. That's all.