"I can't wear pumps in jail."

I'm from Newark, New Jersey and my case is from 1996, a weapons possession charge. They didn't have proper cause to search me thats why I don't have to come back for next court date unless my attorney tell me to and then there gonna seal the case. I was in at Macys as with my sister she was boosting, stealing and as she was leaving at the store they the alarm went off for me but once they noticed I didn't have any merchandise they were supposed to release me and in the process they found a weapon, a gun. A 25. A little gun. A broken gun at that. And it didn't have no bullets in it or anything. There was nothing I could do with it because it was broken. And they found it in my bag. It was wrapped up in like a beanie hat, it had like um Minnie Mouse on that little hat and by prying and prying in the bag they found it. So they didn't really have proper cause to search me that's why my attorney said they're gonna throw it out and um seal it like off my record. I told them the person that stole it left out the store and when they saw they looked in my pocket book and once they saw that they had nothing in me they were supposed to let me go but they didn't. They kept prying. I'm a good girl. I like to look beautiful and dress and shop and eat. Not go to jail. You got to wear certain colors in jail, beige, orange. Those not my colors. I can't wear pumps in jail.