"I stopped doing what I was doing when she couldn't breathe."

Domestic dispute. Early in the morning. She's making noise two thirty, three in the morning. I have to get up five to go to work at Port Chester. She seemed like she didn't care so I came in the bathroom and I go what's your problem. I don't know, she's a night person and I get up. When I'm sleeping she's up around the house making noise. So before I did this me and her spoke about it. So her attitude is she really don't care. So she started getting a little more sassier, so my fingers is poking at her head, so then I get the hair grease on the other side of my hand, so the left hand was free so I went around her neck with it. So I ain't stop until you know I heard, "eh heh eh" (indicating choking sound). I didn't want to get charged for murder. So when it came time for me to black out this is what happens when people black out. They get arrested. Cause I have a new son and I want to be in his life. I stopped doing what I was doing when she couldn't breathe. Choking her. She was just a girlfriend. I don't even want no more girlfriends, just me and my son and my Playstation. Go to work, see my son and play Playstation.