"If they catch me with another felony I'll never come home. "

Basically, my family turned against me, one said I was harassing her and I had a fight with my brother so you know I assaulted him, they just locked me up for that for both charges. I assaulted him. I hit him. And he hit me first, I mean he put his hands on me first so I basically I feel I was defending myself. And he, they never asked me oh are you defending yourself for that they just, oh he called the police on you he's pressing charges so they want to lock me up automatically. And I feel thats not right.

My girlfriend well she said that I threatened to kill her. So they locked me up for that just just for saying. They ain't got no proof or nothing they just said she said that I said I wanna kill her so they locked me up for that. People are crazy. I never hit her though. I never hit her. They just saying I threatened her and thats enough to lock me up. Yeah she got me real angry you know she said shes gonna throw my stuff out, she ripped up my coat and you know she threatened to call the police on me and tell um, so thats when I threatened her, but I didn't really mean it, you know I said oh yeah I'm know gonna go over there and beat you up if, if you call the Police on me. And they said yeah I tried to kill her they escalated it saying yeah I tried to kill her, this that and the other.

I've been locked up for drugs, selling drugs and um, basically selling drugs all my life, I've been locked in and out of jail and trying to clean myself up right now. I sell weed. I got too many felonies now, I got five felonies. If they catch me with another felony I'll never come home. I've been in jail in and out since i was sixteen. I just did a five year bit so you can say I've did about ten years all together. A year here, a year there.