"I was doing coke, weed, ecstasy, alcohol…"

I got arrested for selling to an undercover cop with my brother and I really did it to support my habits so really um they gave me a program and I've lasted three years and five days. When I got there I thought that wasn't gonna work out for me but in the long run it did work out for me because it made me a new a new person, you know because right now I don't have the access for me to be using drugs or none of that why because I want to succeed in life and I want to be positive. You know and I'm doing the right thing you know thanks to God you know thanks to my support network and basic you know, I'm just doing, I'm just trying to stay on the right path doing what I gotta do and that ain't much you know.

I was doing coke, weed, ecstasy, alcohol and on the long run I was really you know I was really you know is like I was like I was finishing myself on the long run I was doing myself wrong but thank god through the program you know I succeeded in life and woke up from where I was at and I noticed that none of that was helping me out. You know because I was doing that to really to forget my problems. On the long run after you know you get high and after the highness leaves you still have to deal with the problems like you know rent you know my kids you know problems like you know like I gotta pay light, cable all that you know it was really like ganging up on me and you know my apartment got burned down and it was like I was dealing with too much stuff you know so basically you know I was doing what I gotta do to support my family. But in the long run you know right now I got a job, I'm doing what I gotta do. You know I'm supporting myself and I'm keeping myself clean and sober.