"The shades are Valentino, six hundred…"

I'm here because the NYPD pulled me over for a trafficking violation and its like an harassment and this is the things you have to go through but its you know this is New York. You get tired of it but this is the every day fucking routine of the NYPD. And uhh you know this is my ninth time coming to court and their telling me again two weeks two weeks two weeks; its getting annoying you know. This is all for a traffic violation. You know I could be making a thousand dollars an hour. I work for a rap label, I don't have any time to be here. But this is what we have to do. ok.

I definitely have a BB Simon, six hundred, the shades are Valentino, six hundred, thats like twelve hundred and uh you know this is just to come to court, I gotta go through this. I mean you know the pictures you can check it out, examine it. Bring it to your nearest store. They'll tell you all about it. My belt is six hundred. My belt is BB Simon. Six Hundred dollars. I mean if if you can't afford leave it alone, get away from it. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.