"They threw me off the bridge and I'm all broken up."

And ummm, my case right now is uh that uh I got community service for going into the pool 125th for trespassing because I was skinny dipping. I thought it was hot that was on 4th of July. I thought I was having a nice time but they arrested me for that. Uh there was two more but they got away. They only caught me. Now I'm facing the judge. I'm supposed to do thirty days. I'm doing 3 days community service but since I didn't go I have to go again to tell him what happened. Because I ended up in the hospital thats why I got the cane. They threw me off a bridge. That was nine months ago. And um the Judge sentenced me to do community service and I couldn't can't do it. And now I come to argue the issue about it and now I'm trying to find out if ah he'll give me a different approach on doing what i gotta do.

Three guys they robbed me. That was on 191 St. They robbed me for my phone, uhh three hundred dollars and uhh iPod. And they threw me off the bridge and I'm all broken up. I gotta a head broken, I gotta leg broken, I gotta arm um wrist broken, i got my jaw was broken. I survived because of a dog. The dog smelled me out, I pinched his ear, the owner came and ran over to me, I was dying of thirst before he got me out of here. I landed on trees. Thats what saved my life.