"Hey, that's Idi Amin Dada!"

I think I was arrested because I saw the police abusing their position to follow their own political objectives. My statement remains the same, I was doing wrong, but it was an emergency I had to go to, the person arrest me, they are just doing that to follow their own political objective. I was born with the British English language. And it was in England, a Spanish dissident that arrest me. Well, I am from the British English language. I'm a British English soldier. The British is the custodian of cultural, traditional value. I'm Zulu. African Zulu. The struggle for survival using every available mean. I was trained in Fort Jackson, South Carolina before going on to Vietnam. I was trained to kill people. And I'm not an ordinary soldier, I'm a political soldier. What is your tribe? Your internal methods have no meaning here. The words from Shaka the Zulu. I consider myself to be one of the strongest men that I meet, I very meet meet anyone that is strong as I am. I like to talk to people that are veteran, Army soldier, Marine, Navy, Air Force, and things like that, that got that kind of training. I know about the struggle with life, and to protect my own culture and my own society. Well, every time I gave a statement, I take a chance and ride somewhere, and go by myself, I always get stopped, so I would not like to comment on it, you know? I don't want to make the statement, I'm still fighting my case, I hope the judge will throw it out. I did so many things in my lifetime, you know? Well...I can not find a good descriptive term for what the police say I did, things like that, you know? I would not like to discuss that, until we get the judge to throw this out, this case out, because this is what I, I get Social Security, this is all I got here. This is my share, my money, you know? I was in Vietnam, I want resources available to the world veteran community, and I'm using any available mean necessary to get that money. I'm going to demand $20 billion, and I expect to be paid accordingly. The rebels are brutal. Idi Amin Dada, let me tell you a great, you know...he lived in my house. Farewell. Hey, that's Idi Amin Dada!