"I'm not the same quiet little boy I used to be…"

I got involved in a second degree robbery three years ago and ever since then my life completely changed like even my own parents don't even look at me the same no more. Its like I'm an outsider to my whole family so every time I look at into someone's eyes they look at me different. I'm not the same quiet little boy I used to be running around the house all the time so now its like I have to change my whole background, I have to speak different, act different in front of everybody. so everything is changing for me now, its not the same no more and its crazy because that fifteen minutes of that robbery is probably going to change the rest of my life. If I had the chance to turn back the hands of time man I would I would I would see myself putting the knife down not even joining the same people I was always running with.

I robbed it was about a regular white male, about thirty five thirty six years old coming down Central Park West. Its was about eight nine o'clock at night nobody around we decided to go and just do it. Nothing planned, we just did it. It was just like that.

It was shocking like it was surprising cause as myself thats not even my personality, like my personality I like sports and I wouldn't even see I couldn't even see myself holding that knife up to this guys face it was like I could see the reflection in his eyes and looked at him. I was scared too as I was doing it so as I did it it was just when I came when I got back in the house and the Police knocked at my door man it was like my heart dropped straight to my feet. I couldn't breathe for like ten minutes, so that whole feeling its not cool. Its not cool at all. Fifteen or twenty minutes could change somebody's whole life forever.