"Who assaulted her?"

I don't have a lot anymore, but in the past years, you know, I been in court, like, probably over 20 times. Misdemeanors, assault, you know, misconduct, many, a lot of shit I been doing, like, you know. But, you know, right now I'm trying to chill, trying to handle my cases, that's all. Against you now, assault. They try to give me 90 days. That's the worst. And now I'm on bail, too. That's the thing, I gotta stay outta trouble. So that's definitely, that's, right now, I'm hoping they dismiss that. They said I assaulted a female, my girlfriend. The officers. Cause it was in the back seat, she had a altercation with a girl, and, you know, she had bruises all over her face, know, they thought it was me, or whatever, cause it was in the back seat. I was trying to fix her hair, or whatever. So, they thought it was me, so...right now... Who assaulted her? A female, another female. I don't know. That's something I don't know about. She told me to come to the scene, to get her. That's what I did. And they thought it was me.

What's the baddest thing I ever done? I assaulted a guy in a park, or whatever, I punched him, I think, I punched him, whatever, he fell in the lake, or whatever. That's the worst thing I've ever done, honestly. But right now, I'm too grown for that. I'm 21, you know? I don't have time to do that, that's when I was a, you know, a little kid. But I'm not trying to come to court back and forth, it's a waste of time, it's a waste of money, you gotta park your car down here, you don't know if you're gonna get a ticket, it's crazy. It's a waste of time, for real. And anybody say that.

If you do trouble, caught, you know, you gotta do your dues, or whatever. You gotta put it down. You can't expect to do trouble and then receive the consequences, like, that don't make no sense. So, that's what I'm doing. I'm mad at myself, I can't be mad at the man, it's my fault. I'm down here. I shoulda listened, 'cause when you don't listen, you pay a price for that. A lot of people don't think before they do things, and when they do it, then they think about it when they in prison, like "damn, I shoulda not," you know? You gotta think before you speak. Think about it twice before I do it. If it's right, it's right. If it's wrong, it's wrong. But, of course, I'm a' choose the right way, not the wrong path. Speeding, runnin' red lights, assaulted somebody, doing all this crazy stuff, stuff like that. No, hell, no. Not at all. That's what I'm sayin', that was me when I was little, but I don't do that no more, 'cause I got a nice car, I'm livin' good, trying to get all my cases off this year, so I can just do what I gotta do. This assault case is the only case I have now. I gotta go back in September. They put a order of protection against her, full-time. They said I gotta stay away from her, if I violate that, then they gonna take the bail money and they gonna put me in jail until September comes. I'm not trying to do that.