"I took a leak right where I was."

I'm from Chicago, Illinois. I came here to rap, but I pay a dude for an apartment, he gave me a receipt when I couldn't get my refund back. I'm out on the streets, as a bum, I don't have nowhere to go, I was looking for a washroom, and everywhere that I went, they told me I had to pay some money to eat some food to use their washroom. I left out, I'm looking for a bathroom about three hours. Then I couldn't hold it no more, I took a leak right where I was. And police pulled up. Now I got a summons for unnecessary ticket that was wrong. That's it. Right where I was. Public street. Some street, I don't know. I mean, they was right there soon as I unloaded. I'm like, "wait a minute now, y'all right here, out of all places, you not follow me...you follow me right to where I can't do nothin' but do it."

I'm seeing animals use the bathroom for free, and it's like no civil rights movement. Wait a minute, now, y'all letting animals use the bathroom in front of everywhere and when it comes to a human ain't no stall, but when we go to the parks, the bathroom's closed. Well, I don't think we supposed to use it on ourselves, you know, that's not right. You know, that's not civil. You know, I don't think it's fair, you know?