"They think they can get away with doing voodoo."

I was arrested last night for, well, actually, yesterday, for graffiti. The reason why I was doing graffiti is because me and my husband—I'm a rap artist, I'm a singer, and I'm a politician—people are trying to kill me and my husband for no reason. I look horrible right now because I was in jail. People are just setting me and my husband up for no reason. I look horrible, I know that right now. My husband's name is Jonathan. My husband is Puerto Rican, Italian, and Cuban. I'm Puerto Rican and Italian. My father is 100% Italian. Yesterday I was at a press conference with Senator Klein. I know Congresswoman Nydia, I know President Bush. I'm in politics. No, I'm not an Assemblywoman. No, I'm not a Congresswoman. I'm studying politics because my dream is to become President in the future between the ages of 55 and 60. That's when I want to run for the presidency. You know what I'm saying? So, I've been studying political science to try to do this, you know what I'm saying? I'm a rap artist, I'm a singer, my name is JuJu Red Jazz. They call me "Psycho Red," "Judy Murder." I've been putting graffiti up on the wall to protect me and my husband, Jonathan. Well, actually, I've been tagging up our names on the wall so everybody would know who he is and everybody would know who I am. By the Boys and Girls Club in the Lower East Side. It's good. I'm a good artist, yes sir.

I went to court, and what happened was they gave me, they told me to plead guilty to disorderly conduct, which I did. I pleaded guilty and what happened was that, well, they gave me community service, and they told me that I'm not going to have a criminal record because they know I'm a politician. So, once I do my two days of community service, the case is dropped and everything is back to normal and I can continue with my political career. You know what I mean? I'm working real hard to succeed in politics, and people have lied about me and lied about my husband, Jonathan, to destroy our lives and our reputation for no reason. No, Jonathan isn't a politician, I'm trying to get Jonathan to go to school to study politics, you know what I mean? That's what I want for him. Jonathan is a good man, I love him very much, I cherish him, he means the world to me.

But the point is that there's a lot of things that are going on, there's a lot, being that I want to be President in the future I find out the truth about everything at all times, you know, there's a lot of people out there that I want you to know, that are doing voodoo. You know what I'm saying? They think they can get away with doing voodoo. No, I don't do voodoo. I believe in cleansing myself. I cleanse myself every day and I cleanse my husband every day. With a lot of things. Well, actually there is soap to cleanse you.

I haven't taken a shower, so pardon me.

My husband's name is Jonathan Jay Murder, he's a rap artist. There's a lot of confusion of what's going on, and who we are. My husband is innocent, my husband is a good man, he's very loved. But there's a lot of people that are trying to turn people against my husband, and a lot of people trying to turn people against me. For example, in my lifetime, I know this is a little bit personal, but I have to say the truth, my husband Jonathan Jay Murder, which I love, cherish, and adore, he de-virginized me. I've known Jonathan since the fourth grade. Jonathan Jay Murder is a good man, he's a rap artist, he's very talented, he's very smart, he's very ambitious, very career-oriented, very goal-oriented, he's a great man, and I believe he's a genius. His intelligence level is very, very great, and my intelligence level is

I may look like shit right now, but when I dress up and do my hair, and everything, I look very elegant, very classy. But my dream is to keep studying politics and run for the presidency when I get older. I have a lot of good people on my side. Congresswoman Nydia, she's a great woman, I know people at City Hall in a couple of states, I know people at City Hall in New York, I know people in the Brooklyn Borough President's office, I know people in the Bronx, two Borough Presidents, and I know Senator Klein...he has great ideas, very good person. So I'm gonna continue studying politics, political science, and continue with my political career.

I'm not gonna say that I'm gonna win, but I can say that I'm gonna try my hardest, because I have a lot of great ideas on a lot of different things, and I think I can make a difference and make a change, a better change in the world. A lot of presidents, they become presidents, but, it's like, you need a good leader in the White House. You need a leader that people will listen to. You need a leader that people will understand. A leader that's gonna make a difference and a change, someone that can stop things from happening, someone that can make a change within society. Someone that can bring peace, someone that can actually stop the bullshit that's going on. I feel that I'm qualified for that.

Judy Guadaloupe Schiller Perez Aversa