"I can't go into the store without being accused of stealing…"

I am here at 100 Centre St. to pay a fine. B............., has a habit of accosting clients, people that are going there to shop, and this is my second or third time being accused of something that I didn't do. I picked something up, and I went to take it to the security, and one of the guards, the undercover guards stopped me. And I asked her "what," and she said to give my, the bracelet back, and it was a bracelet that I had found on the floor. Now, adding salt to my wound, they sent me out a letter from a law firm stating that I need to pay, let's see, it says here "B............. has a civil course of action against [me]," and that the letter demands that I pay "$360 in satisfaction of this civil matter. This is not an attempt to collect debt. If you do not believe that you are the person responsible for payment of this claim, please notify the law firm in 30 days," and I have. But they do it to everyone and anyone. The last one was for $500 and I did pay it, because I did not want to be harassed but now it's getting to the point that it's just crazy. I can't go into the store without being accused of stealing, or taking merchandise, or exchanging merchandise. Oh, oh, oh, and they also say that if you pass a few registers with merchandise, I had a wallet in my hand that I had first intended to buy, and then when I saw the price of $460, I decided not to. So, I went to, I was going to the department where I picked it up, which was clothing, and that's when they said that because I didn't pay at the other two registers that I stopped in, one was I bought a pair of pants that were $460, Diane Von Furstenbergs, and a sweater that I wanted to exchange, and, and the wallet. I just didn't think I was doing anything wrong. She says I should've handed it in to any register. I was just taking it to the, you know, the register that it belonged to, the department.

No, it's happened to other people, too.

By trade I'm a governess. I've worked for millionaires, billionaires, matter of fact the person whose clothes I was buying, Diane Von Furstenberg, I used to be the governess to her grandchildren. There's no need for me to take anything that doesn't belong to me. I have money to pay for anything I want, I mean I did pay $460 for pants, and I think I've worn them twice, so it's not me, it's them. Because when they catch a thief, they get a commission. And that's standard in a lot of stores, depending upon how much the person stole, they get a commission on the amount. The store, the store and the security guard gets a commission. So, yeah. I would pick up anybody, accuse them of anything, and it's their bullying over me, and so, it just...it's gonna make me money. Doesn't matter that it might ruin someone's career, or their life, it, it's that they wanna make the commission.