"All I know was I had the handcuffs on me."

Um, what I did was I was being a good samaritan and I let a passenger on the train without, you know, accepting money. Um, I was coming from my outpatient program and, uh, a, a person was asking for help on 125th Street. I let him on the train and as soon as I go through the train station, I mean, the turnstile after I swipe him, the officers they was like, you know what we can't or actually they said "come here." So what I did was I turned around and I asked no quest--, I mean I asked no questions, they said "yo, look, show me ID." I showed them ID, I showed they my job ID, my security job ID. Um, and they basically ran my, um, background. I have no warrants or anything, but they said I was not permitted to, uh, give a swipe to a, a customer. So what happened was they had me waiting in the back room and I asked them what was going on. All I know was I had the handcuffs on me. Next thing you know I was being transported from 125th Street to 14th Street. I sat in the cell for at like least a good eight or nine hours and then I got transported from there to 1 Centre Street where I had sat in the cell for at least two days. Um, currently I'm on probation, um, it's just, it's just crazy because you can't do anything to help the next person out without getting in trouble for it. So, um, I kinda like, I'm dealing with the situation the best that I can so trying not to get in any further trouble from my past history. That's basically all I can say, it's just ridiculous.