" I just know her by her nickname "Cookie"."

I live up in the Bronx. Uh I got incarcerated for going to a young ladies house on the lower east side oh about a month and a half ago. I had met her about a week before and we had hung out and had drinks and she invited me up to her house the week after, I bought a bottle of vodka, I had a couple of glasses, a bottle of Red, you know a can of Red Bull I go into the building I get buzzed in. I go up to the tenth floor which i should have been going to the eleventh floor when I got out on the tenth floor little did I know the Police were having a sting operation because evidently there is a lot of drug dealing in that particular building on Fourteenth and between First and A and they said since I was there and I didn't know the young ladies full name I just know her by her nickname "Cookie". I didn't know her actual full name, right they arrested me for criminal trespassing and they held me overnight and i had to sit in court and I finally got everything dismissed today but this is the fourth time coming down here, at least it got dismissed and I have no record, so thats a good thing.