"…said that I was there buying drugs."

I live at *** West 80th St. I'm here for criminal trespassing in the 2nd degree. The building was supposed to be drug infested and I didn't know it, and my girlfriend lived there before, and I didn't know that she wasn't living there anymore, so I went in and they caught me when I came out and said that I was there buying drugs.

I did [do drugs] years ago. Crack cocaine. 22 years. I stopped, I just turned my life over to Christ, and everything is much better now. So, the cops turn around and say "ah, come on, tell me another story." I said "what story can I tell? I mean, my ex-girlfriend used to live here, if you don't believe me, that's on you." And then they turn around and put the cuffs on me, and then when I got to the precinct, they'll say, they turn around and say maybe they'll try to get me a DAT, which they did. They get me a Desk Appearance Ticket, and then I took that, then I had to appear today in court. I don't know if I'm gonna do time or what for that, because I have prior convictions. Drugs. Possession.