"This is the modern day slavery."

I'm at 100 Centre Street, courts. Today my case was dismissed, and I was trying to get my property back and returned, I was arrested for a charge that I didn't commit. I was pepper sprayed, dragged for half a block, and basically robbed by police. Now, I can't get my property back, they're telling me I have to go through all these nonsense channels to go get my property back and in reality my case was dismissed. So the charges that was brought against me, I should just be entitled to get back what is mines. But, they making me go through a whole bunch of stuff that I feel I shouldn't have to, if my case is dismissed.

They arrested me for robbery. No. Cause somebody just randomly ran in the street and said "he did it." Cause
I fit the description, but nobody never came to court and pressed charges against me. And I was telling them that I didn't do it, but they didn't believe me. Why? Because as a child, I made a few mistakes, and my bail, they held me for ransom. My wife came to court, told the judge and my lawyer that she had $1,000 to bail me out. The judge looked at me, looked at my wife, told her "ten-thousand." So I had to scrape up and get out on that.

I don't know, man, this is the modern day slavery. And they playing with people's futures. They just lockin' up anybody, and I feel anything that's black is not a criminal, and they really treat everything that's black as a criminal, which, in reality, they shouldn't. It shouldn't be just anybody could just walk up and get somebody locked up without the proper channels of evidence. No evidence. I was accused of having a weapon, when they found me I had no weapon. They said I had...I beat him with a bat. And it was none of that. He had no bruises, none of that, it was a whole bunch of stuff that was false accusations. And then I was suffered....I had to suffer, go through three days in the bullpens, and then get held on a ransom bail, and then released, and then I came to get my hat back, and $19 that was mines.

I'm suing, too. Suing. Mental anguish, loss of wages, pain and suffering, it's a whole bunch of stuff, man. They don't care about us, man. They say "in God they trust," they trust in the green dollar bill. If it ain't green, it ain't right for them. Straight up. I'm being robbed by the system right now, just to get my money back. They robbing me for $19, and a hat. And they robbed me for my time, and days that I spent in jail, that I didn't do nothing, but they ain't give me no "sorry," what they gonna say, "sorry?" They accused me of something that basically I'm being basically gonna be punished for for the rest of my life. It's gonna come up on my record. It say "sealed," but it don't be sealed.