"Don't you think you're spending a little too much."

I was recently released. I was sentenced to six months, five years probation for possession of cocaine. I was arrested on 119th Street in Harlem. I was dealing cocaine around the area I live. I was arrested January 5th. I walked into a building that was being raided. When I walked in I was tempted top buy marijuana, I had a large amount of drugs on me. So when I walked in they searched me and found everything on me. After that I was taken down to Central Booking, the Tombs, I spent two days there and then I was transfered to Rikers Island. Spent the next 4 1/2 months on Rikers. I saw the Judge, accepted a plea of 6/5 split and was just released.

I was into cocaine at the time because of the fact that it was a hard time, I couldn't find a job. i really don't have too much family, more or less on my own. I had to pay my rent. I was living somewhere I had just lost my job. So I had about maybe a few days to pay my rent. I knew you know people that sold drugs, told them could you help me out so I could pay my rent pay for my food. I started that. Thats how it started. I sold to people in the neighborhood um mainly just people in the neighborhood. I never really went outside. I wasn't on the block or nothing.

I'm selling drugs, it makes me very anti drugs actually the things I've seen from selling drugs the things people do for it. The way they degrade themselves sometimes and things it's just no. Not at all. Ive actually gave a few clients, try to tell them I think you stop you stop. I had um one client that used to spend $550 dollars a week on weed. And I would tell "Don't you think you're spending a little too much."

In my opinion drugs, selling drugs in my opinion is not a crime, in my opinion. Drugs are sold everyday pharmaceutical wise throughout the United States its just that you can't tax cocaine you can't tax heroin, you can't tax weed. And statistically speaking more people die from legal drugs cigarettes then they do from cocaine, crack and heroin. About 2,500 people a year die from heroin and about what a few thousand die from cigarettes every year. More people probably O.D. on Percasets and ADD medicine then hard core illegal drugs. I'm not doing a public service but in my opinion at the time I was doing more like an entrepreneurship, an opportunist, I saw a large market, decided to go for it, supplied their demand.