"The thing about the sweeps, mostly mostly blacks get arrested."

I have to come to court mainly because I sold weed to an undercover cop and they gave me court dates to see the judge. I'm fulfilling the court dates so I won't get locked up. Nah... I'm innocent, I'm guilty, I'm guilty. I did sell the weed to undercover cops so I'm guilty, I pleaded guilty. I'm ok with that. It's a misdemeanor. I'm not worried about it. Once I keep going to court they're going to dismiss it. If they see I'm coming to court so they're going to dismiss it. As long as I don't sell no more weed to uncover cop, I'm good money. While I got this open case cause right now my case is still open. If I do something wrong I have a chance of going to jail for sixty, ninety days.

They were doing a sweep. They call that um a spotlight sweep. Where as it's almost Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, all four five boroughs they had a spotlight sweep. Where all the criminals, actually where all the criminals go it was mass arrests, it was about maybe a thousand arrests, in Manhattan only, in Manhattan only. Its about six hundred, seven hundred arrests in a spotlight sweep. And then the thing about the sweeps, mostly mostly blacks get arrested. You know, for no crimes. Like putting their foot on the chair in the subway, maybe open container, you know a lot of them were in jail for a lot of bullshit. Where as you got people out selling hand grenades, guns and missiles, drugs, so far it's um heavy drugs like crack and cocaine. That's um, that's um, those controlled substance. Luckily I have marijuana. I sold marijuana. I don't mess with I don't mess with hard drugs.