"She doesn't even remember any of this because she was so high."

What brought me to court was last time I got arrested last week, I went to court and they told me, I got arrested for drinking a beer in Tompkins Square park in the lower east side, but when they brought me to court they said I skipped three days of community service which I did and I previously agreed to spend fifteen days in jail if I missed the community service. I pleaded with the judge, and said, "my father died so I went to Maryland for a month and thats the only reason I skipped my community service." So she actually gave me a second chance at getting community service. So when I signed up for community service and they gave me the dates to appear I got drunk again and lost the paper work.

I also missed two day community service, from a previous crime which, let me think what it was stealing books from Barnes and Noble. What books? Umm I don't even remember. Actually, weird thing it wasn't me that stole the books, I was there with my wife. She had taken a few Xanax you know Xanax bars, like two milligrams Xanax they look like bars. I was up cruising the sci-fi section on the fourth floor and came down to the third floor and saw my wife laying on the ground passed out with a grocery bag full of books and I woke her up and said "Stephanie what are doing? Come on let's get out of here." and she's like, "No come on I gotta take these books." Before I woke her up I poured all of the books out of the bag and put them back on the shelf even though it was the wrong shelf I just stuffed them there. As she was walking with me and I was trying to get her out of the store she kept grabbing books off the shelf and was throwing in the bag over and over again. And I kept saying, "Stephanie stop this is ridiculous, everyone can see you, this is so stupid." But she was so high on Xanax she kept doing it, oh this is ridiculous and you know I couldn't grab the books out of the bag fast enough. And then by the time we got to the escalator two undercover cops or security guards there had grabbed both of us and said, "Come with me." So we both got charged with stealing the books. She doesn't even remember any of this because she was so high. I mean its not the kind of thing she would do sober. But pills kind of whack you out, obviously. So we both got charged with that. Instead of spending any jail time we just spent a couple of days in there and then they just gave us each two days of community service. That was actually when my dad died and we both went to Maryland for a month and that's why we didn't do those days.