"I just gotta clear my name.'

I went for a job interview and I got the job and then a week later they fired me talking about that I was arrested for Grand Larceny on January 3rd., 2002 and January 17th. 2002 in Manhattan. I've never been arrested in Manhattan. When I came down here I came down to figure out what's going, they're telling me this person has a couple of aliases. Now I have to go to One Police Plaza to get fingerprinted to prove this is not me.

They did a criminal background check and this popped up. When I went to the Bronx Community Criminal Court to ask why this is coming up they were telling me the person used a couple of aliases like Ramon Gonzalez, Roberto Diaz. He has no address but has my birthdate. He just used that. I don't know why, I don't know how either. I'm thinking it might be a guy who knows me and used my name and birthdate. But I can't figure out that until the file comes back six to eight weeks from today showing me a picture, showing me the fingerprint, right now I'm going to get fingerprinted just to prove it's not me. Because I have been arrested before and took fingerprints and this never came up. But I'd like to press charges, even if I know him. Its false identity. Cause he used the name Ramon Gonzalez which means he's just going using different. He just destroyed my life right now. I just lost a twenty two dollar an hour job. Whatever happens to him happens to him. I just gotta clear my name.