"He banged my head on the floor and I was scared for my life."

Well what brings me here is the petty theft accusations which is all a misunderstanding, because my true intentions was not to steal. I was thinking a lot. I basically had the item in my hand and I had to go to an event at Marquee and I just rushed out the store not thinking and basically I didn't realize I had the item in my hand till I was a block away. As soon as I was about to turn the security guard just basically told me, what "I'm going to do with it" and basically wanted me to like um, accusing me of thieving and I'm just saying, "no I didn't take it. It was an accident, I was not thinking, I just walked out the store." And um basically as soon as I gave him back the item and told him, "oh I'm so sorry about that, I'm not a thief or anything." he started choking me and I started saying, "ok what are you doing? Why are you choking me?" So I started like wrestling him and then he was like, "well we're going to take you to jail." I said, "well you can't take me to jail because I didn't mean to steal, I'm not like a thief or anything." So as soon as he started choking me I took my elbow and started hitting him. Then all of a sudden we started wrestling. I don't know what happened, I started like basically hitting him back and I had my boots and I started kicking him and um we was wrestling into the middle of the street and in the street he banged my head on the floor and I was scared for my life. So I flipped him and started running away and he caught me and started nailing me and then he started punching me in the face with my glasses on and then my eyes were really damaged and I started like grabbed his balls and twisting, he started screaming and I like punched him in his face and then I started screaming for help, "this guys attacking me." Some British guy came out of nowhere started calling the cops. Next thing you know like he nails me again and then two people grab me and they pulled me on the floor. It had to take another person to hold me down and then he starting handcuffing me with these plastic stupid handcuffs and next thing you know I'm taken in and then I have to go to jail for some stupid stuff. They charged me with a felony, robbery which I think was ridiculous for a tank top. So they charged me with a misdemeanor, they gave me a deal the judge and now I have to do community service. I feel that um, my true intentions was wasn't to steal I'm not a thief, but I feel like I wasn't thinking. It was a stupid mistake. Let me just deal with it. It's the law and you know that's it.