"I threw it at the twelve cops that I saw, it was a dozen donuts, a dozen cops."

I was arrested in September I believe basically for throwing donuts at cops. We were protesting the decibel, it was a federal case of decibel levels of amplified sound during political musical events. I could scream and play acoustic guitar louder than the amplified sound that they had. They wanted seventy decibels at one hundred feet, which is like into a vacuum cleaner at ten feet. The ambient noise of a crowd of several hundred people which there were at that particular event is louder than the actual amplified sound that they wanted to allow us, so we're in court over this. The event was called the donut social, in which case I was wasted drunk playing Leftover Crack, Star Fucking Hipsters and Choking Victims songs for a crowd of several hundred kids. They couldn't hear me and at some point a box of donuts was passed over to me from the crowd. I wasn't going to eat it, I wasn't going to throw it at the kids so I threw it at the twelve cops that I saw, it was a dozen donuts, a dozen cops. The last donut slid within a foot of the last officers foot. My aim got good by the end of the throwing. They charged me with harassment, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. I didn't have any weapon, I had a guitar. Donut? I considering it littering. They considered it harassment. They kept berating me saying, "how dare you throw garbage at us." I was like you just throw bullets at innocent people every day. I don't think there was any harm done. Probably if the donut slid another foot and touched the officers shoe I probably would be accused of assault with a donut.

One of the lyrics that was brought up was a chorus to a song called Crack Rock Steady. Crack Rock Steady is a choking victims song that I sang at the event and they quoted that at my trial. They quoted me saying, "kill the police, kill the police."

But the line is,
Crack Rock Steady are you ready to stop the rotten blue menace, lets go kill us some cops, crack rock steady are you ready? Living above the law! We also played a song one dead cop,Power abuse; authority misuse. They kill and rape and it won’t be on the news. But you’re the good one With the badge and a gun. Braggin’ how you blasted gunshot forty-one. In relation to the Amadou Diallo shooting and killing, murdering by the police.