"Because he was drunk he went through a big plate glass window..."

Well it's a criminal mischief charge. Well this drunk alcoholic bum attacked me while I was begging and in the process of defending myself because he was drunk he went through a big plate glass window and even though I was defending myself and I was in the right, the police even told me they didn't want to arrest me but because something was damaged that I had to go to jail. So I actually did go to court and then when I went to court they hand me a paper saying that the prosecutor hadn't investigated it or something and I don't know exactly what happened but then I talked to the owner and made a private deal to pay for half the window out of my begging proceeds. So I figured that was the end of it because he said he wasn't going to press charges, so I went up to Canada and then when I came across the border I was arrested and they told me I had a warrant out for me. But then New York said they weren't going to how do they say extradite so they let me go. But then the next day I got arrested by the state police and the same thing happened. So they suggested to me I take a Greyhound bus instead of hitching the rest of the way. So now I'm here and I have to go up to room five forty six and take care of this warrant.

Well I'm hoping that like, they'll see that I'm trying to take care of it and nothing will happen. What am I going to do tomorrow? Go back and try to make money... by begging yes. God lately I've been making about maybe fourteen or fifteen dollars a day. As opposed to what maybe twenty, twenty five last year and even during the economic like you know when everything was like really great and fantastic I was never making more than thirty dollars a day.

You know what people were never really that generous in this city to begin with. I'm not making much less. That's the reason why you know I've been like you can ask some of the people I've been predicting this economic meltdown for the last three to four years. I've been saying because of the greed or selfishness it's going to cause everything to collapse. I don't know if they were blind or had their head in the sand but it should have been obvious that it was coming anyway. Basically stop being so dam greedy. What's the purpose of having like twenty, thirty, forty, fifty million dollar a year salaries and like hundred million dollars a year bonuses. You know you don't need that much money to survive while you got people out there struggling to make it and they've got two minimum wage jobs you know they're living pretty much almost in the ghetto and they can still almost barely make it. I don't see how I can do much worse considering the situation.

Like you know like you know I remember like um when I met the one that I showed you the picture of she came up to me when I was sitting on the street one day and she uh, she goes are you hungry and she gave me half of her oatmeal. I was just so stunned by how beautiful she was I was like thinking, I was thinking what could I say to her. I was like you know, I did like the same stupid thing that all the college boys do, "like what are you majoring in?" and when she told me she was majoring in experimental psychology I said, "ok now you gotta sit and we gotta talk". So she sat and we talk for about three hours and I said, "hey would you like to go on a date and go dancing or something?" You know she said yes and we went out dancing and from that time on whenever she had time we hung out and spent so time together. We talked about like psychology and stuff like that and then I have other friends you know they're majoring in other things like you know like astronomy or physics. So I just sit around with them and read their books and we discuss things. Probably the brain. Yep. Though I did have that one girl the other night say that she thought I was cute. Oh yeah they're definitely beautiful and attractive. It's pretty much all platonic. Well the one's here at NYU are all platonic. Not really. I mean if the opportunity arises and I'm for it then we'll see what happens. But for the most part like I don't really care, I'm pretty much like more into the books. The books are fun. Right now I'm reading a book on physics astronomy. This one's about astronomy about how like galaxy formation, uh it evens goes in talks about dark matter and things like that, dark energy and the fact that actual matter only makes up four percent of the observable universe. Well I find it interesting. Yeah if it wasn't for matter you wouldn't be filming me right now. Matter matters.