"Because I'm crazy! Because I have a compulsion."

I don't know, it's a confusing matter 'cause I got arrested like six or seven times for, basically I was running around the streets of New York writing "You=Love" on everything, and putting "You=Love" stickers everywhere, and harassing people and I was...went crazy and got caught a bunch of times and I kept having to go to court for, like, two years I went to court, like, every month, and finally it's over. Because I'm crazy! Because I have a compulsion. The compulsion is to...I like to write on things, and I like to write...I like to say...I like to remind people that they equal love. Every human equals love equally. Yeah. That's my point. Equal love, equal love. Equality. Yeah. Equal, it means that...that any...the sum total, if you add all the actions and generations of humans together, that the total equals love. I'll call you "equal love!" All humans are equal, and equal love equally. And the proof of that is in the fact that there is a growing population of humans. So, obviously, love works because that's how come there's so many of us.

When the towers went down, I was working on a project called "Boiled Down Sentences to Say More," I was trying to think of a way to communicate to a large group of people, like the human race, in the smallest amount of spaces. And in my quest to say the least amount of things, to say the most important message with the least amount words, I came up with the equation "You=Love." And ever since I came up with that, I've been transmitting it and propagating it and carrying it and writing it and spreading it around everywhere I possibly could. Whether...if someone's nice to me or mean to me, I still give them "You=Love" t-shirts, or stickers, or, it doesn't...like...'cause it's equal.

Mostly in the East Village. I was really...I did, one time, I spray painted "You=Love" with a stencil on hundreds of blocks of sidewalk corners. In the year 2003. In 2003 and 2004 and 2005, the East Village was covered in "You=Love." I mean, you might be slow...I'm slow, too. I'm slow, obviously. I don't even know what happened in there, I'm just so happy to be free. I'm free.