"I'm a big dude. Why would I hit a 150 pound female."

Um, my girl got me arrested for accusing me I was hitting her, which I wasn't. And um and all of a sudden she called the cops and I got arrested and thank God she didn't put no charges on me so I got to come back in court September 5th. and hopefully I hope everything be all right.

Well cause she dumb like that. She tried to cheat and all that, you know what I'm saying. I was living with her and all that you know. She's um that type of female. I don't what's wrong with her man, for real, seriously. She's um. Yeah man she's a little bit psycho. Yeah. I could say that. But you know.

No I did not. I'm a big dude. Why would I hit a 150 pound female. And she claimed I was carrying a weapon. Where's the weapon? I could say that. They never say about the weapon or what kind of weapon, I didn't have no kind of weapon in my hand. You know what I'm saying. All I'm saying you know and they take me down just like that. And a matter of fact they owe me sixty dollars. I don't know where the hell to go get my sixty dollars.

They took my money because I got a hundred and sixty dollars in my pocket, they say it's so much money for me to carry, to go to jail whatever. Now I've been polling and they say they don't know where the sixty dollars at. I don't what is the point they give me the, this paper for.

Now I've moved on and I've found myself a new apartment so I'm not with her anymore. I found myself a new girl so now I'm good, I'm happy now man. You know. Jail is not a good thing to be man. It is totally uncomfortable. This is my first time and I hope that it will be my last time also. That's about it.