"I'm being recorded right now of course I ain't do anything…"

I'm being accused of a conspiracy with a big high profile case uptown Manhattan. They got to do with um rapper ....... and um that tied into 132nd., 132nd. and Lenox Avenue and all that got caught up in some big um what they call the New York City rap police and um they raided a car... then they got everybody's ID's and stuff and I guess later on that week they got um fake warrants and tried to hit up the addresses of everybody that was in that car with the rapper. You know. So they bum rushed all of our houses and um didn't catch nothing but um they tried to formulate the case, fabricate the case with him with some gun charges and another rapper that got murder and they got me involved in all types of things right now and all reality the statement to the police the rap police, the narcotics and everything don't say nothing about me but since it's a high profile case right now they trying to get me involved. So now they're changing it 111, August 4th. so we going to be a lot of Paparazzi and everybody out here because you know the rappers are coming too. That's my case.

They saying, they, they, whatever they charging 'em with, all the counts they charging them with and the conspiracies which are manslaughter, murder, putting hits out, drug trafficking, drug distributing, things like that. That's my case also. Conspiracy hold everything together. Conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to drug trafficking articles, 78's, they doing all type of things now. They trying to come with some crossing and within the constitutions over there in Columbia State you know where the border line of, what's that, Maryland and D.C., and all of that? They charging us out there right now with Article IV, which is trafficking from different states into the Columbia District. It's just a whole fucking bullshit. Lawyers just wanna get money from people and judge, district attorney, they wanna work deals and just put a dirty jacket on people you know. Yeah I was in the car we was in a Maybach you know it was a Maybach we was all in there we came from a party. We was out in Jersey and we headed this way but they was trailing us all the way through. And there was um some weed smoking in the car and all that so that gives them other grounds so why stop the car whatever. It was all bullshit though. You know.

Hey. I'm being recorded right now of course I ain't do anything, what am I supposed to say. Supposed to say I did. Ha ha ha.