"The ambulance broke the mans jaw…"

I was proceeding, I was traveling ah eastbound on ah westbound on east 96th. Street off the FDR drive. I was exiting my intersection of a five lane intersection of the uptown traffic of first avenue, a a ambulance was, I was going through my fifth lane of an intersection, all of a sudden an ambulance comes flying through the red light... with his ambulance but without proceeding with caution and clips me in the back rear quarter panel the axel of my Hummer H2 and flipped it up over on its side. I popped the seatbelt and climbed out the sunroof. I said you know I seem to be ok. They said no you go lay down. I said I gotta get my cell phone, I gotta contact people and everything you know. They said, "No lay down, you got hit too hard you have go to the hospital." I said, "Is this by any chance the same ambulance company that hit me?" They said "no". But ahh their all in cahoots. Cause they took me away and the accident report turned around the accident report wound up being false, saying that I entered the intersection late and that I struck the ambulance and decided to flip on my side. You know. Then while I'm in the hospital they put handcuffs on me because I didn't know my license was uh too many points, I paid on line but I didn't realize I didn't pay all the fees and my license is suspended. So I had to come over here to the tombs. And uh by time I got bailed out I was almost in the tombs. I only do weekends, I was never locked up for good, I only do weekends in this city.

They're trying to charge me for injuring three three three three other human beings and two passengers and a pedestrian which I was struck by my side, only reason why I survived was because I was in a big hummer. The ambulance broke the mans jaw or the person that was in the back and the woman that was driving broke her elbow. Maybe because she was on the phone. I dunno. They hit a pedestrian cause my vehicle didn't hit nobody. They said I hit the pedestrian, they said I broke this guys jaw, they said I injured everybody, they won't give me a court appointed lawyer. I have to go against myself. They say ah you not have a good chance. But I'm going to do it anyway. This is the second time representing myself in a case. I'm charged with reckless endangerment.

My hummer it was still ok. But the insurance company considered it totaled because they want to resell it. It has a couple of boo–boos on one side.