"They were just spraying pepper spray on the whole crowd…"

I'm coming out of the court down here downtown, 100 Centre Street. The reason why I actually came from, came to court today is because on Friday the thirteenth of last month, I believe there was a party, an altercation outside of a venue that we was coming out of a party from that we had nothing to do with. Over 70 police officers came... they actually have a couple of civil suits going against the police officers because they beat up some of the people in the crowd with like billy clubs and stuff like that. Left them bloody and stuff. They was falsely arresting a lot of people I guess because the crowd wasn't dispersing as fast as they wanted it to, one of which was my wife. I actually went back to ask the police officer why was my wife arrested because she wasn't in the melee. The reason why they actually came over there and they arrested me for that. So thats why I'm here today. On the 21st. of July. Basically.

The charge is disorderly conduct. Disorderly conduct and resisting arrest [wife]. I'm thirty. I work for the post office. I can't even get in trouble because I work for the city. You understand. My wife is a teacher. She can't get into trouble. I really have no respect for police officers after this particular situation. Really because it was unnecessary. It wasn't called for, none of the people who was in the actual fight got arrested at all. We all came outside and saw a whole fight going on and by time police officers came, that was already over and they were just spraying pepper spray on the whole crowd like. It was just unnecessary, the whole thing was unnecessary. They didn't even need to call to have 70 police out there. Ruining it all the time. Always want to enforce their power when they can when there's no need to. All you got to do is ask questions if you ask questions politely and respectfully people will move but when you try to deal with things forcefully, do things people just feel they don't have to do it because they wasn't doing nothing wrong in the first place.