"I scam people out of money, that's my occupation."

I previously been convicted of a crime, and the crime was fraudulent accosting. Fraudulent accosting is when you con someone out of some money, when you pull a person in a public street, and con them, convince them something is real that's not real. You understand? Basically, it's called scamming, I scam people out of money, that's my occupation. And that's what I'm here for now. They got a new program called Cases, and I was eligible for that program, and I been convicted and sentenced to three days of Cases, and I'm coming here today to do my last day and to complete the program.

I scam people by approaching them and offering them things that they might want. Drugs, women, et cetera. And if they want it, I'll tell them a story, and make them think that it's real, and get the money from them. Say, for instance, you want girls, I'll tell you I got girls, I got 18 girls, you give 'em two free drinks upstairs, and it'll be any local hotel in the area. And I'll tell you the girls cost $200, and you have to pay $100 for the room deposit, and then you have to pay a extra $50 for the key deposit, so that'll be $350, and I take you to the hotel and get the money from you, and send you on your way. Very simple, it's not hard.

Another scam? A guy may want to buy some drugs, some weed or some coke, or something, and I tell him I got it, I have it hooked up looking like it's real, but it's not real, sometime I keep some real stuff on me they'll check out, and sample it and see that it's good, and you want to spend a lot of money. And I scam 'em that way, also.

I approach another guy on a public street, he may want identification, got a young guy's 15 and under, they want to get in the clubs and stuff like that, and they want identification. And I'll tell them "yeah, I got ID's." Know, a driver's license, all state, and you tell me "OK, I want Jersey," or "I want New York," or "I want Connecticut," and I'll tell them to write they name, they number, they name, they height, they date of birth, everything that you need to put on an ID, and I'll tell them that the ID costs $62, and $18 for the picture, and all together, it's $80. And that's another scam, I get $80 for that.

I don't feel bad about any of it, because most of the people who I do scam, they want to buy illegal things, anyway. Women and drugs, most of them. Fake ID's. All that's illegal. So, as I'm scamming people, scamming them for things that is illegal, anyway. They can go to jail for what they trying to purchase. It pays the bills. It pays the bills, so I'm gonna do it until I find something better. A good job. I'm Afro-American, it's hard to find a good job, I didn't finish high school, I don't have a trade, so I'm doing this right now 'til something better comes along.