"Jump the turnstile. Police come."

They say I, I guess they say I turnstile jumped or something like that. I'm not even sure what they say anymore. I paid the fare and I tried to swipe the card and it said insufficient fare. And umm like ah crap you know I just paid I was on 34th. Street and you know it like you know no person in the thing so I walked to the other side where a person is so I told him so I guess he didn't believe me so I paid right in front of him again and swiped again and the same thing happens. So now oh my God I just did it twice. You saw it happen and he's like well like swipe the card let me see what it says. It says like I just swiped like in right in the turnstile in front of him and he tells me that it says that, "I'm like right, you just saw me swipe it". He's like talking crap. So I'm you know I don't want to deal with this I just wanna go home. Jump the turnstile. Police come. They were watching the whole thing. And like I guess they like gotta make quotas. So they like you know what we're gonna take you in. Thats the right thing to do when you pay.