"I think this is fucking bullshit actually."

The Republican National Convention, about four years ago I guess now. For disorderly conduct. We were rounded up in ah protests uh and they put us all in holding cells and then I don't know, they put us on our way and now four years later it's coming up in my work background check that um... there's a discrepancy that I had a warrant still out for my arrest but I didn't, they can't even find me in the system, so now I have to go for a criminal background check at One Police Plaza to see if they can find me.

I was brought to um some kind, they took a old bus depot and made it a holding cell for everyone and they just separated the boys and the girls and they took all our information and then they brought to the tombs and we sat there for twenty something hours and then they told us all to like just beat it. And then they gave us court dates.

We were part of a group protesting the way republicans feel about gay marriage and we were having mock marriages all going on over the city. And we were cornered. They took like these gates and cornered us in and they just told everyone they were under arrest and we were in on the sidewalk were they told us to be and we weren't doing anything illegal and they just randomly rounded us all up about 30 or 40 of us, oh no even more 60 of us, yeah and just took us all in. Just bused us all over there. I was fingerprinted.

I think this is fucking bullshit actually. This is ridiculous and me going back and forth like this is so like convoluted and dumb. Its annoying, really annoying. Plus its messing up my work.