"I kicked one of the cops in the nuts three times…"

I was in Stuyvesant apartment complex when these cops where harassing my girlfriend. They threw her against the wall and put her in cuffs and bruised her so I kicked one of the cops in the nuts three times and then spat in another another cops face and then they beat the shit out of me. Bloody and took me off to jail.

Ahh she's just yelling at them, it's a long story. They were trying to take me somewhere, like someplace. But we weren't trespassing. I don't know it's a long story.

Was (she) just yelling at them. They took too much force. They shouldn't have because she's a small little girl. They used excessive force. Her parents came down... and said that she lives here. But I got in trouble because I hit the cops. Actually I'm proud and happy that I hit the cops. They deserve it. I feel better. Now I feel better.