"Somebody did obviously steal the phone."

They said that I was in possession of stolen property, of a cell phone. So, you know. I bought it off a guy in the street for $10, and I went to return the phone, and got arrested for it. I called the person up, she said she wanted to meet me, I went to meet her, and she was a undercover officer, and they locked me up for it. Yeah, she called me first. She said "do you have my phone?" I said "yes, I have your phone." She said "how much did you pay for the phone?" I told her "ten dollars." She said "well, I'll give you double the amount for the phone back," and I agreed, and she wanted a place to meet, and we met, and it was undercover officers there, and they arrested me, locked me up for possession of stolen property.

I made, like, two phone calls on the phone. I woulda continued to pay for it, no problem, I bought the phone, so...I woulda continued to pay for the service. I mean, eventually somebody would start billing you, if you got a phone, of course. Or, it's gonna turn off. One or the other. I don't know, all they gotta do is call. Yeah, call me and say "who this?" I would say "this is Cori, and I got your phone," or whatever, you know, "I would like to continue services on the phone," or whatever the case may be. I mean, but you can buy phones and then get the service changed on them, you know, so it's nothing. It wasn't like I stole the phone, I didn't steal the phone. Somebody did obviously steal the phone. Possession of stolen property, yeah, right.

She asked me who I was...I met her on 113th St. and 1st Ave., and she explained who she was, and she asked me if I had a phone, I said "yeah," I went to get her phone, whole bunch of police jumped out. Big thing for a little phone. What could I say? They asked me where I get the phone from, I said "I bought it." Never buy phones off the streets. You know, I gotta go to a store and do like everybody else does. I'm not really interested in phones, long as I can make a call, you know?