"These people are completely disgusting. "

I was arrested for a demonstration on the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq at the headquarters of L3 Communications which is a huge, the third largest war profiteer in the nation. They bought off all the employees from Abu Grab after the Abu Grab scandal broke. They produce guidance systems for missiles. They have one of the largest private militaries in the world. Its a huge corporation they own the majority of the fiber optic cables on the Atlantic Ocean. They're pretty big. What we did is we rushed it and chained ourselves in the revolving doors of the headquarters.

Yeah the cops dislocated his shoulder because he went limp when he was pulled out of the doorway umm and so once we were thrown in the paddy wagon he had to actually heave himself up against the wall to relocate his shoulder, but he did not file a complaint because his priority was to get out of jail as quickly as possible which is certainly understandable. From there we were taken to the mass arrest unit and then transferred to the tombs here we sat for about twenty four hours. My friends actually were in a different cell and watched someone die here and their body be taken away which was fairly disturbing for them.

L3 has the last time I checked one of their branches called the NPRI has one of the largest private militaries in the world, I think 12,000 special ops. They do all of the interrogation i.e. torture in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. These are the people that provide the tortures for Guantanamo Bay. If the military doesn't want to do it themselves because of legal issues so its a lot easier, to just, hey you go ruin someone's life and then we're not held accountable. A huge corporation which not a lot of people know about, they haven't gotten a lot of negative press. They're pretty unknown compared to like Blackwater.

Corporations like this they exist on making profits on people being hurt and being killed in places that most Americans will never see and really don't think about. These people are completely disgusting. They come in to work everyday you know dressed in their suits living a nice highlife and don't even think about the fact that the paperwork their filling out is leading to ruining peoples lives, to killing people every single day and know one knows about this, but even if they did, even when you tell people about this they're fairly apathetic because they think it's business as usual just another evil corporation which in a way makes sense, but this particular corporation is even larger, even more violent and worse for the average person then most of the ones which you'll see out there. Which is why we did what we did.