"I'm a Misdemeanor Man"

I live in the Bronx. The reason why I'm here today is that I had a court appearance today. My sister and her daughter conspired to try to have me locked up for domestic violence. It stemmed from, it all revolves around greed. The part of greed is a brownstone house, property. So, I've been going through this for the last 7 years, back and forth to court, I have been in close to every courthouse around here. From Family Court, Housing Court, Criminal Court, Surrogates Court, you name it. Supreme Court. And the unfortunate thing is, I'm the middle man. The fight is not directed to me, personally, it's, I'm in the middle. The owner of the property passed away, him and his spouse passed away of old age. And, my sister and her husband, and whoever along with him, they continue, I guess, trying to steal this property. What they didn't, what they underestimated, me being blood relative, I would go along with it.

My niece, now, she must be about 29-years-old. I'm bringing that up, because 29 years ago, I used to change her diapers. So, now she's a B.A. degree and she figured she independent enough to lose respect to her elders. We had a kinda heated argument last week, Thursday, and I can say that I got the best of the argument. I got the best of the argument. What do sore losers do? They go for underhanded tricks. So, being she studying law, she figured that she know more about the law, she could have me arrested. For, supposedly, swinging a 2x4 at her. For the brownstone. No witnesses. So, the Legal Aid I just met, I like him, and from what I explained to him, he's all on board. He's on board, because it's gonna, I'm kinda cocky with this, but I know it can't go up because the truth prevails. I think so. But, she didn't say I beat her up, she said I wield a 2x4 at her. Because of the house, that's what it stem from. But, the reason why I came here is because I won the argument. I won the argument, so that's what sore losers do. They go for somethin', they go for the shortcut. This was supposed to be easy for me, because of my record. I got 13 arrests, all total, and I'm 50-years-old, I got 13 arrests, all totaled I might've spent a year off the street. A year off the street. All, 13, all together. All combined. So I'm a Misdemeanor Man. I'm a Misdemeanor Man, what they call. You know, I don't discriminate. From anywhere from going into abandoned building, taking scrap metal to hopping a train, and, what have you. Nothing violent. I wouldn't hurt nobody, I wouldn't even kill a fly. No violence on my record. No violence at all, so this right here is violent. This right here's a violent charge they're trying to pin on me. That's one thing about having a record, I mean, in my case, having a rap sheet, because it prove that I'm not a violent person. The charge is menacing. A misdemeanor. Another misdemeanor! I'm Misdemeanor Man! I hope this is the last one. I wanna retire. I wish I could go back to the number that comes before 1, which is zero, because it wasn't fun. And I'm not proud of it, but what it is is what it is!