"Then they started beatin' on him…"

This started by the cops, stopped me and my brother on the street for mistaken identity. They put us on the wall, tell us to put our hands up. I obeyed all the orders the cops gave me, put my hands on the wall and all of that. My brother, they kept pushing him, told him to put his hands on the wall, and he asked them a question, like "why's y'all stopping me?" And then they was like "get your hands on the wall, get your hands on the wall, don't say nothin'!" And he's like, "but why's y'all stoppin' me?" Then they took him, tossed him on the floor, then a couple cop cars rolled up, then they started beatin' on him, and started jumpin' him, so, like, kickin' him, and punchin' him, and I was like, "yo, y'all, chill, he's a little kid, he's only 18." And they was like, "shut up. Shut up. Stay on the wall." And it was like, they were gonna let me go, they were gonna let me go, and then I think it was the Captain, you know, the Captain? The top one? You know, the one with the white-collared shirt? Whatever they call him, anyway. He was like, "no, keep him near." Then some other guy across the street saw the, he witnessed the cops beatin' on my brother. So he said, "yo, yo, chill, what y'all doin'? What y'all doin'?" And they was like, "stop him!" They ran across the street, locked him up, said he, they caught him with a bag of weed, or somethin'. We all got locked up together and stayed in the bullpen, that's at bookings, for, like, three days. And we saw the judge, they released us on our own recognizance. Now, they said first it was menacing, we was, said me and my brother were in the store was menacing. We were scaring people, saying we, pretended we had a gun, like holdin' our hand under our shirt, somethin' like that. That's what they were saying at first, then they switched the story, said that we was harassing the cop. That ain't make no sense. My brother's case got dismissed, they were trying to say he was harassing the cop, too, but he got dismissed. Basically because he had a good lawyer. But I'm still going to court, but that's I'm about to go back to court, resume court at 2:15, see what the judge says and talk to the lawyer. They're still offering me two days community service. That's the funny thing, if I was harassing the cop, I know I would get a bigger offer than that. But, two days community service, that's what they offering, I'm trying to fight it.

Me and my brother got locked up, they brought us to Central Booking, we hadda go through the bullshit, anyway. The bullpen is really like a lotta people compressed in, you know what I'm sayin'? It's not really a nice place to be, it really stinks. Lotta bums, and a lotta people mixed together, so it's not a good place to be, but I was in there for, like, three days till I saw the judge. When I saw the judge, they released me and my brother. At least, just, 20, 25...packed up. There's a lotta cells.