"Nobody should be able to judge art."

I've been arrested over five times, it’s about six times now for unauthorized vending. They say that it’s my sculptures, my hand carved crystals. They say its not art work. Carving crystals. There’s no way they can tell I carved it, so it makes it a crime cause I don’t have a vending license.  But I believe this is one of the earliest forms of sculpture. Right no me and my friend are creating a petition. We have several supporters over eight years. My friends been selling at Union Square park and me for three years. The verdict today. They gave me two acd’s

Oh yes as long as they’ve crafted it with their hands, as long as it’s an expression of emotions, ideas, concepts. Nobody should be able to judge art. There’s always opinions are always welcome for progress. Obviously anyone that’s putting their artwork out there in the public is looking to open some minds, looking to show people who they are or what they’re trying to portray.