"I gotta be a human being."

Basically I had some cases that was at 500 Pearl Street. The police testified and everything and they said what happened and whatever. I was in Rikers Island. I was beat up by the house gang. I was assaulted by the police. I was starved by the police in the cell for a month. They made me drink water and because I was fighting with people because they wasn't giving me my food. They gave me some pills that put me in a coma on Christmas day. They owe me money and they don't want to pay me. It happened in Manhattan Psychiatric Center where they gave me the illegal drugs. I told them I couldn't take them. I use to take them before and I use to throw them out when I was on Rikers Island and they still didn't believe me. I told them I feel woozy. I walked in the day room and I fell out. The police beat me up and everything. It's all on tape. I was stripped searched when I was in Rikers Island and I had a felony, it was for a homicide and I didn't cop out. They're saying I can't get paid. And I'm a human being. I gotta be a human being. If they can pay people that got misdemeanors they could pay people that got felonies in order for them to get their money for people being stripped searched in Rikers Island. I feel that's something like force against the government. They need to pay us. All right? Have a nice day.