"Yeah, I think I'm Superman."

I came in here at 9:30 in the morning, right? I sat here for three hours, waiting for them to call my name in court, they don't call my name. Then he says "these people didn't hear their name called," whatever, he says my name so I started going up, he says "no, sit down." Calls these peoples names, whose name they never...who didn't hear called, I was the first one, right? So then, I guess, he put me on the bottom of the pile, and he still didn't call my name, and then they broke for lunch at, like, what? 1:00. Said "come back at 2:15." Th' hell, y'know? I was in that courtroom for three hours. I never heard my name called. Y'know? It was an atrocity. I couldn't do anything about it. What'm I gonna do? I'm in court, for God's sake. What'd I do? I went to Starbucks. What was my charge? Harassment. Well, there was a guy on the Lower East Side, I punched him in the mouth. He tortured me for five months, and I punched him in the mouth. I don't know, whatever...whatever he was doing...they call me a paranoid-schizophrenic, see? So, they say I'm just paranoid, but I know otherwise. Yeah, I think I'm Superman. I don't give a shit. I am George Wallace, my mother was born...my mother died on January 15th, which is Martin Luther King's birthday. I am a friend to the black man. That's what I'm known for. I told you, tortured me for five months. He's just into my thoughts, he was...he screamed a lot. Very angry, really got on my nerves. I don't know what it is...for some reason, they're jerking me around, I don't know why. I'm not calling it a conspiracy, I'd like to get that whoever that guy is calling the names, I'd like to get him by the throat. That cop who's calling out the names. Clerk, or whatever his name is. Like to jerk his ass around. I tell you, I'm gonna give him another half hour to call my name, then I'm gonna go up there and start some shit. No, I'm just kidding. Just kidding. I just hope they call my name, you know, I can get the hell out of here. I'm probably gonna go up there, they're gonna say "oh, it's dismissed," you know? I've been to court three times already.